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When the Hell Will We Find Planet Nine?

The hunt for Planet 9—a hypothetical, Neptune-sized object beyond Pluto—has stirred the scientific community since last year year, when a pair of Caltech astronomers argued in favor of the idea. Those intrepid scientists—Mike Brown, best known as the guy who killed Pluto, and Konstantin Batygin—are currently…

The Secret Service Can't Keep Up With the Threats Made Against Trump on Twitter

Barack Obama may have been the first president with a Twitter account, but Donald Trump will definitely be remembered by history as the first social media president. President Trump tweets morning, day, and night—eliciting plenty of love from his supporters and torrents of hate from his detractors. But Trump’s…

This Viral Photo of Bill Nye Talking About Gender is Completely Fake

Have you seen this screenshot from an old episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy? It shows Nye with the caption, “Gender is determined by your chromosomes.” Alt-right social media users have been posting it because Nye recently said that gender is on a spectrum. But the old image is completely fake.

Microsoft Warns Users Not to Install Its Latest Windows Update, For Now

With its Creators Update for Windows 10, Microsoft promised that users would have the option to postpone future updates for a limited period of time and many rejoiced. But now that the update has started rolling out, it’s become apparent that there are still some stability issues and performing a manual installation…

Proposed Human Rights Would Protect Your Mind From the Likes of Facebook

“It sounds impossible but it’s closer than you may realize,” Facebook’s Regina Dugan recently told audience members at the F8 developer conference. Dugan was referring to the social network’s plans to read users’ thoughts. Just in time to inject some practical considerations into that terrifying scenario, researchers…

Of Course Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Juicero

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love Juicero. I love this dumb, insanely over-engineered, $400 juice squeezing machine that works marginally better than using your own hands. And it turns out I may share that passion with the nation’s First Daughter, Ivanka Trump.

DJI Mysteriously Turned Vast Swaths of Iraq and Syria Into Drone No-Fly Zones

DJI, the world’s largest consumer drone manufacturer, has a problem. ISIS, the terrorist organization, has been turning off-the-shelf drones into flying bombs and making headlines in the process. So what’s DJI doing about this? The company very quietly created no-fly zones over large parts of Iraq and Syria.


A New Approach to 3D Printing Removes the Limitations of Gravity

The potential for 3D printing to revolutionize manufacturing is astounding—if the technology can overcome a few limitations. Researchers at MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab have come up with a novel way to both speed up the 3D printing process, and free it from the restrictions imposed by gravity.

This Sick Video Drone Is the Future of Inescapable Advertising 

Advertisers have found ways to bombard us with promotions no matter what we’re doing: watching TV, checking social media, and even when streaming music. But the future of advertising could be even more invasive when the next public event you attend is full of flying video drones projecting inescapable video…